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Conveyor mounted metal detector for large products -

  1. This model is suitable for inspection of various large product (shipping boxes, etc), products larger than products to be checked by MS-3141 or MS-3147.
  2. Easy Operation and Adjustment

    1. Interactive Display
    The large, easily legible display makes operability easy.

    2. Automatic Sensitivity Setting

    Simply by feeding a product through the detection unit several times makes it possible to store the product characteristics in memory and automatically set to the optimum sensitivity, thereby eliminating the need for bothersome adjustment procedures.
    (If required, manual adjustment is also available.)

    3. Effect Automatic Tracking
    The characteristics of a product (product effect) change due to changes in product temperature and so forth. This function tracks these changes and automatically keeps the most adequate setting at all times.

    4. Setting of 200 Products
    The characteristics of up to 200 products can be stored in memory in accommodation of production lines handling a wide range of products. Kind of products is displayed using product names.
  3. Compatibility with External Communications
    This function allows the detector to transmit data to related equipment using an RS422 or RS232C interface (optional).
  4. Can save the history data and settings to a USB memory, it can also be output to a dedicated printer.
  5. History Display
    Operation history can be confirmed in indicator.
    The last 999 operations including power on/off, setting change, metal detection, etc. are stored in memory with each time.
  6. In addition to the above, customized specification meets with your requirement is also available.


Standard Specifications

Belt width:-

 300 - 600 mm

 300 - 600 mm
Effective Aperture Height:-

 100 - 230 mm

 100 - 200 mm
Max. sensitivity*1
Fe balls
SUS304 balls :-

0.48 - 0.8 mm
1.1 - 1.6 mm

0.48 - 0.8 mm
1.1 - 1.6 mm
Conveyor total length:-

1600 mm

1600 mm
Belt speed:-

Belt speed 20 m/min (50 Hz),
24 m/min (60 Hz)

Belt speed 20 m/min (50 Hz),
24 m/min (60 Hz)
Max. product weight:-

30 kg

30 kg
After detection:-

Conveyor stops automatically, rejector (option)

Conveyor stops automatically, rejector (option)
Power supply:-

AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz

AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight Approx. :-

130 - 180 kg

150 - 190 kg

*1: These data show results of measurements at factory.
Please note that actual detecting sensitivity depends on the product characteristics and operation environment.

Complete turnkeys packaging solutions are available on request.

Please contact us on to discuss your application.

MS-5137 MS-5141 large conveyor mounted metal detectors

MS-5141 conveyor mounted metal detector for shipping boxes


MS-5137 MS-5141 large conveyor mounted metal detectors

MS-5137 conveyor mounted metal detector for shipping cartons



MS-5137 MS-5141 large conveyor mounted metal detectors

MS-5141 conveyor mounted metal detector for shipping cartons


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